Jessica Coppet

Jessica Coppet is a French digital illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. After studying graphic design and digital illustration, Jessica started her own illustration business. Her unique style focuses on creative scribble portraits. For Jessica, her commitment to Female Empowerment and Body Positive has found a true expression in her art.


"I was really moved reading about the story that I was going to illustrate. As an illustrator, it’s not everyday that I get to work on such a meaningful project. I feel really honoured to illustrate on these significant social justice issues. 

To have a better understanding of the story, I have undertaken a significant amount of research on her story and also on similar stories that have happened in the US. For me, research is the key for creating emotional artworks. I need to understand and connect to the story. Visual and written content are both very important. Working on this project was a great experience. I’m very honoured to have been chosen to contribute to such an important cause."

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