Dwayne "Dubelyoo" Wright

Dwayne “Dubelyoo” Wright is an Atlanta-based illustrator and curator. For well over a decade, Dubelyoo has been curating the traveling art exhibition called Art, Beats + Lyrics. These urban art and music showcases provide an accessible experience for seasoned collectors, first-time art buyers, music lovers, and today’s social media selfie-taker. What was once a one-night-only show, promoting Atlanta art and music, is now a national tour with over 100 art exhibitions and counting.


"Conveying the police shooting of James Harrison accurately and artistically was very challenging. Repeatedly watching the body cam footage was the hardest part.  After viewing the video several times I was horrified by what I saw. What I also found horrifying were the things I didn't see like compassion, or a rush to save Mr. Harrison's life. These are the things that were on my mind when deciding how to approach the illustrations. I didn't want the focus of the art to be about the individual cops involved, so I decided to use crime scene tape as a symbol of policing."

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