Our mission

Defund to Refund is an initiative to help Americans rethink public safety. Through a story-based platform that illustrates the human cost of over-policing, our mission is to amplify support for budget reinvestments that change the role of police in America and redirect resources to build safer, healthier communities.

Who We Are

Defund to Refund is a team of passionate makers, allies, and activists who work or have worked for Huge. Huge's commitment to Black lives gave us the space and resources to come together to advocate for change.

It is our goal to create experiences and tools to help America rethink public safety in an effort to drive positive and meaningful change. As America continues to reckon with systemic police brutality, we are compelled to use our craft in service of advocacy. As a team, we are committed to providing this community of makers and innovators the opportunity to speak out for what we believe in.

Artist Collaboration

We fund ongoing collaboration with Black artists in order to directly support the community of makers fighting for racial justice. We invite artists to bring their authentic vision to these stories of over-policing, and to help us capture the hopefulness of a more equitable world.